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The incentive and restriction system

 The incentive and restriction system; the managers could only be promoted, they could never be degraded. They expect more from the hotel. There was more reward than punishment. All of those reflected the existed problems in the effective incentive and restriction system of hotel management. (5) The management behaviors of the senior managers; the juniors […]

Management Pattern & Management Mechanism

The responsibilities between departments were unclear, there were cross responsibilities and dispute over trifles. The problems between housekeeping, engineering and purchasing department were such a case. The policies and procedures were not well implemented. Most of the policies were anticlimaxes or had no result. Especially with the cases of punishment, it is always conducted to […]

Non-price rationing caused by price controls

Left unchecked, this process can lead to global trade war as country after country erects non-market barriers to the smooth flow of trade. Ultimately, these mounting frictions can produce system failure, akin to the blackouts caused by failure of an electricity network. As Hayek and von Mises first pointed out, markets are exquisitely efficient information […]

China retaliated by blocking shipments

The U.S. protectionist moves against China are accelerating fast. China announced the end of the fixed RMB/$ policy in July 2005 in order to a) accommodate growing pressure from the U.S. regarding the U.S., trade deficit with China, and b) deflect pressure in the U.S., Congress to pass China-targeted protectionist legislation, endorsed by Senators Schumer […]

Orbit robotic pool cleaners

Orbit robotic pool cleaners The United Kingdom with its vast pool resource users is blessed with few pool cleaner making companies. The few pool machines that originate in the United Kingdom are either from other countries or are not able to meet the needs of the pool owners. The most notable pool cleaner dealer is […]

Saving Money Using Social Media

Social media is everywhere, yet 5, 10, 15 years ago it was a much smaller part of our lives, if indeed it was a part at all. Your grandparents (and even your parents) may shake their heads in bewilderment at talk of tweeting, status updates and selfies, but for many, many people in the UK […]

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