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What’s in your Plastic?

Debit cards and credit cards; the oft forgotten slivers of plastic that can be found in the wallet of every man and woman in Britain today. They are the overlooked fantastic plastic marvels upon which our entire 21st century consumer worlds are built upon, and the tools through which billions of pounds exchange hands each […]

Do You Pay With Card or Cash?

It’s very rare these days that you’ll find a retailer who won’t take card payments, and although some still do have a minimum card spend (otherwise they’ll charge you a small fee), using your card out and about is pretty easy. On the other hand, everywhere will take cash and some people still prefer to […]

Do You Budget on Paper?

We all have things we need to pay for throughout the month. Rent, bills, debt repayments, insurance, food…it all adds up. You could know exactly how much you’re paying for each of your essential expenses, or you may just have a rough idea. If you don’t know how much comes out of your account each […]

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